About Us

Cafe con leche is a family owned restaurant, which is recognized by food critics and customers for its amazing cuisine. Daniel and Silvia Lucci, own The cafe since 1997. Daniel is a craftsman of the cuisine, he creates the most incredible dishes, with the most fresh and healthy ingredients. Its cuisine is a fusion of American with southamerican and Mediterranean influences. Cafe con Leche is a cozy BYOB restaurant who surprises you for its unique flavor and style.

Mission Statment

Café con Leche was born in 1997 of Chef Daniel's respect and appreciation for the purity of ingredients, and of his commitment for providing healthy and flavorful food . Café con Leche has come to embody delicious, healthy food and Newtown’s evolving community that believes in eating healthy and is dedicated to a better living.

Green Tea Movement

In 2013, we are proud to announce the addition of our “Green Tea menu” to our traditional and famous menu. The Green Tea menu is a wonderful rich and flavorful vegan menu that will enhance your perception of healthy food. Aside from thrilling your taste buds, we will be delighted to nourish your body with delicious meals.
We take the job of feeding your body seriously. Just leave it to Daniel, to find a way to evolve Café con Leche into the next level, offering the best of both worlds, the traditional and the innovative, all in one place.